Neil Simone – Artist

Neil Simone has been a professional artist for over fifty years. Born in London but inspired by Yorkshire, Neil now lives in Nidderdale and is one of Yorkshires most renowned artists. Entirely self-taught, Neil uses complex techniques to create imaginative and thought-provoking paintings. Inspired by the natural world and the changes that occur within it, his paintings challenge perceptions and boundaries using light, shade and a play on dimensions and perspective. Neil’s work continues to expand and evolve, intriguing and captivating audiences the world over. Featured on television and in numerous journalistic reviews Neil has exhibited his work in many leading galleries throughout Great Britain, Europe and the USA.

“I paint the way that I do because I see the world as a dimension of shadows, shapes, contradictions and ever-changing fragile boundaries.”

If you would like to meet Neil or view his work, he has a permanent collection of Originals and Signed Limited Edition Prints on exhibition at his home, The Chapel Gallery, Glasshouses. To view by appointment please ring +44 (0)1423 711 795.